Assisted Living in Northern Colorado

Founded in 1998, Seniors Helping Seniors® is a unique in-home care service that matches seniors caregivers with seniors who are looking for assisted living. This simple concept is founded on the belief that care provided by other seniors can help seniors in-need better than anyone else. Over the years, we have grown to work with hundreds of clients, expanding our training and expertise throughout the country. Through this intra-generational companionship service, you can expect to find:

  • A well-known resource, backed by years of experience, for seniors who are looking to stay in their own home.
  • A variety of services for in-home care, companionship, and home-maintenance support provided by seniors who love to help.
  • Reasonable wages are paid to caregiver seniors who want to help. Our senior care services are also affordable for seniors who are looking for help.

How In-Home Senior Care Began

Seniors Helping Seniors is a network of caring and compassionate people, much like an extended family. Originally founded by Chairwoman Kiran Yocom and President/CEO Philip Yocom, Seniors Helping Seniors was created to fulfill a personal mission of providing home care for seniors who are unable to care for themselves. Before arriving in the United States, Kiran worked alongside Mother Teresa for nearly 14 years and wanted to continue to offer help in a way that not only mattered but was necessary.

Linda Gabel, owner and operator of Seniors Helping Seniors in Larimer County, started her senior assisted living business to provide a compassionate companionship for the elderly citizens in her community. These individuals were both looking to help and to be helped. By providing this care, Linda was able to form a community of people who supported one another.

Linda has her MBA in Finance from the University of Tennessee, a certificate in Dementia Care from the Alzheimer’s Association, and a Certification in Senior Advising from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. She is also a class leader for Powerful for Caregivers classes and hopes that, through her program, she can help seniors age with grace and find the companionship they long for.

In-Home Care and Assistance

Seniors Helping Seniors is much more than just a chance to connect. With our matching services, we are able to give seniors freedom, assisting with senior day-to-day living and in-home care. Our goal is to lighten the burden for families, giving many the peace of mind they need to know their loved one is in good hands. With our flexible scheduling and a wide range of personalized services, you can trust that the help you need is within reach.