1. Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins on Balancing Career and Caregiving

    If you’re a person who is supporting both your aging parents and your growing children, you are in what’s called the “sandwich generation.” And, as we know at Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins, you are likely finding it difficult to balance your responsibilities as both a caregiver and a wage earner. That role will never be an easy one, but there are things you can do to make it somewha…Read More

  2. Loveland Home Care Provider Shares Benefits of Drinking Tea

    There’s no question that sipping a warm cup of delicious tea can be a very pleasant experience. But as researchers are discovering, green, black, white, and other varieties of tea may provide an array of health benefits. We find that many of our Loveland home care clients enjoy a cup or two a day, and we find it encouraging that it may be helping them stay healthy. Taking Time Out for Tea Many s…Read More

  3. Health Benefits of Creativity from a Loveland Senior Care Provider

    There are many ways that seniors can strive to optimize their physical and emotional wellness. Diet and exercise are two areas that immediately come to mind for most people. Another activity that can sometimes be overlooked is creative expression. As a leading Loveland senior care provider, we know that there are many reasons why seniors turn away from creativity, including lack of supplies or enc…Read More

  4. Fort Collins Senior Care Provider Shares Tips for Stress Reduction

    When we think about ways to do a better job of managing our health, the first two that tend to come to mind are improving our diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and getting more exercise. And there is no doubt that those two steps provide tremendous benefits. However, as a leading Fort Collins senior care provider, we know that there’s another important factor when it come…Read More

  5. Tips for Caregiver Self-Care from Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins

    While it’s easy to recognize the things you should do to take care of a senior in your life, it’s more difficult to see that there are steps you should take to ensure that you stay happy and healthy as well. At Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins, we remind loved ones that to be a good caregiver, you have to take care of yourself, too. A Self-Care Checklist Here are some ways to tend to your …Read More

  6. Provider of Senior Care in Longmont Says Seniors Can Benefit from Social Media

    When you think of someone who uses social media, the image that comes to mind is probably not that of a senior. However, as a leading provider of senior care in Longmont, we know that older Americans are becoming more comfortable with and interested in social media. And while our caregivers provide welcome companionship, there is much to be said for the ability to see photos and updates from famil…Read More

  7. Loveland Home Care Leader Lists 4 Reasons to Consider a Medication Dispensing System

    As we age, it can become more challenging to stay on top of our everyday tasks. This includes taking medication. For seniors who must adhere to a medication regimen in order to treat one or more chronic conditions and stay healthy, this can be a problem. While our Loveland home care providers don’t administer medication, they can provide helpful reminders. Another way to address this challenge i…Read More

  8. Loveland Senior Care Provider Shares the Importance of Proper Sleep for Seniors

    Regardless of age, all adults need approximately eight hours of sleep per night. When seniors don’t get adequate rest, their health can be negatively impacted in multiple ways. As a Loveland senior care provider, we know that this can include confusion, being less alert, and being more prone to falling asleep while driving or performing other important activities. Lack of sleep also increases a …Read More

  9. Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors from your Fort Collins In Home Health Care Provider

    As seniors begin to struggle with daily living tasks, shopping for and preparing healthy meals may be neglected. As a leading Fort Collins in home health care provider, we remind seniors and their families that the consequences of malnutrition are serious and wide ranging, from having a negative impact on their immune system to weakening their muscles and increasing the risk of a fall. If you are …Read More

  10. An In-Depth Look Into Our Services At Seniors Helping Seniors

    For many elderly people entering a new period of life, the prospect of having an unfamiliar caregiver come into their house and provide “care” can be vague. Today’s post will be aimed at putting to bed some of the questions and perhaps fears associated with senior assisted in-home care. Let’s take a look at some of our services offered. Home Healthcare Home healthcare is a fairly straightf…Read More